1000shards (1000shards) wrote in p_noize,

Don't know what to get your creepy metalhead little brother for Christmas?

Buy him a COG shirt! 

The new COG shirt features the profile view of our lumbering rhino friend Edmund who spends his free time putting out forest fires and charging at annoying people on safari. The shirt was designed by INK's multi-talented Betong Enriquez.

The shirt costs only P300. P250 if you have two creepy metalhead little brothers that you want to buy the shirt for. The shirt comes in a light shade of tan so that you can see your sinister sibling dressed in some other color aside from black. Sizes are S, M, L and XXL. XXL's are flying off the shelves fast though because our fans are just as large as us and our rhino friend Edmund

Interested parties can reply to this message. You can also call me at 09178292242

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