starfish galaxy (starfishgalaxy) wrote in p_noize,
starfish galaxy

A Benefit for Eddie Boy Rocha

A Special Benefit for A Special Person:

Our good friend Eddie Boy Rocha got into a severe accident last February, which left him incapacitated with severe head trauma and needing constant medical supervision.

Being a fighter, he has consistently amazed his doctors by surviving every procedure they have put him through, even when his chances were very slim.
Now, he is undergoing a revolutionary laser treatment developed by NASA, that is actually regenerating his brain cells....and he has been responding very well!

We'll be needing your help to continue this treatment, as well as the sheer cost of maintaining his health and stability! Because it is our faith and belief that Eddie is a great guy, with a heart of gold, and that he still has so much more to offer the world!

Featuring a special performance by
Jamie Wilson-Vocals
Daniel Crisologo-Guitars
Derek Ileto-Bass
Brian Velasco-Drums
....and other guest performers!!!

A Rock & Soul Blues Revue for Eddie Boy.

There will be patron tickets available, and Walk-ins are most welcome!!! All money raised will go to Eddie Boy's medical expenses.

*August 28, 2008
Thursday night at 8pm
Fiamma, 32 Jupiter Street, Bel Air, Makati City
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