starfish galaxy (starfishgalaxy) wrote in p_noize,
starfish galaxy

Little Wing Project: For the Benefit of Anabel Bosch

We are all trying our best to raise funds for Anabel Bosch, a dear friend and fellow musician who recently suffered an aneurysm and had to undergo a cerebral operation. Her family needs to pay 1Mphp for Anabel's medical needs. Anything earned through entrance fees will go directly to the Bosch family. Please bring your fans, friends and family to join for a good cause. :)

All gigs will be hosted by Dylan. Here's the breakdown of the gigs.

January 9, Friday @ Checkpoint Bar
Playphonics, Kjwan, DRT, Southern Grass
Gig starts at 9pm
P200 entrance

January 11, Sunday @ 19East
Playphonics, Wally Gonzalez, DRT, Razorback, Kjwan
Gig starts at 8pm
P150 entrance

January 14, Wednesday at Ten02 Bar
Playphonics, Tempestuous Jones, Razorback, DRT, Kjwan
Gig starts at 8pm
P200 entrance
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